Vintage Stereo and High Fidelity electronics repair. Amplifiers, tuners, tape decks and turntables. We also refurbish vintage console stereo systems.

HOME THEATRE DESIGN - We have great ideas with a technical basis that can make your ideas do-able.

REMOTE CONTROL SANITY - We will help you find the perfect all-in-one remote control to solve your remote control clutter confusion.

SETUP ASSISTANCE -Sometimes all you need is help setting up the new system you just purchased. 

HDTV UPGRADE - There are a lot of urban legends running around about HDTV. We will help you upgrade without all that junk.

ADVICE/TROUBLESHOOTING - Is your picture or sound not what you desire? We will help you solve that problem. 

THEATRE/INTERNET INTEGRATION - There is a ton of movie/TV content available on the internet. Also, it's more fun to surf the internet on the big screen.

WIRELESS AUDIO & VIDEO - MULTI ROOM - Sometimes you just can't run those wires that far or drill those holes in the wall. You can still have your entire home and yard full of sound and video.

CUSTOM LIGHTING & INTERIORS - We can guide you in the proper room acoustics or make your home theatre look like the pros. We have interior design expertise so your home theatre will look presentable to everyone in your life. 

ETC. WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO? - Call for a free consultation. You'll be glad you did. 


We can help you shop for the best deals and the right components for your needs and then professionally install them for you.