Remote Control
Many have experienced their remote control pile growing bigger and bigger. Every new component comes with a new remote control unit. If your VCR breaks and you buy a new VCR with DVD transfer ability, there you have another remote control. I have seen a pile of 12 or more remote control units and 5 of them were no longer needed as the CD player (or whatever it was) was thrown away.

Multi-unit remote controllers abound. However, they usually leave off the "one" button you crave the most. It's time for a learning remote control. They aren't all that expensive and can make the system a whole lot easier to use.

Sometimes it may be necessary to add a label or sticker to the new learning remote that relabels a button or two. No big deal. It will make using your new system a whole lot easier for the family. We have experience in ergonomic design and can suggest customization to meet your individual needs.